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Mainpage 2014 January
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Dear Readers,

In December, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of this periodical among others providing presentations in the SOCIETY OF HUNGARIAN CHEMISTS and at the HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES.

The new year brings new tasks and new challenges for our industry, experience gained at K Trade Fair 2013 shall be evaluated and implemented. We had to accustomed to the fact that each year was more difficult than the previous one, but 2014 might be more advantageous than 2013 if the west European market grows, thus improving status of companies working for export and their sub-contractors.

One of most important missions of our periodical is to provide information to experts of the Hungarian plastics and rubber industry as well as serving as forum both for them and participants of research, development and innovation. In addition to our proven authors, we continue to expect papers from industry members about the achievements of their work, about their products and services.

For attaining these goals, we developed the following plan for 2014:

– 1/2014: base and auxiliary materials in the plastics industry I

– 2/2014: injection moulding and its peripheries I

– 3/2014: engineering plastics

– 4/2014: plastics in automotive industry

– 5/2014: International Balaton Conference Reinforced Plastics

– 6/2014: plastics in packaging technology I

– 7/2014: trends and innovation in plastics industry

– 8/2014: plastics in the construction industry

– 9/2014: injection moulding and its peripheries II

– 10/2014: base and auxiliary materials in the plastics industry II E+E industry

– 11/2014: plastics in packaging technology II

– 12/2014: composites and nanocomposites

Best wishes, much success in work and business and good health to our readers for the new year from

Dr. Macskási, Levente – Editor in Chief
Last Updated on Monday, 03 February 2014 11:50  

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