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Mainpage 2014 January Contents
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Contents - January 2014

Dr. Macskási, Levente: 50 years of Plastics and Rubber – review and visionAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Our periodical, positioning itself as engineering-scientific newspaper, publishes engineering, scientific and market information concerning macromolecular industries, proofread both for content and linguistics and cares for the Hungarian technical language as a primary mission. Production and processing technology of base and auxiliary materials for the plastics industry, functional principles of processing machines, tool design and application technology of plastics are discussed. We focus on strategic issues of the industry, papers demonstrating achievements of the Hungarian plastics industry, packaging industry and injection moulding are published every year. We devote special attention to lectures read on conferences Mechanoplast and Strengthened Plastics just like to research results of PhD students working in this field.

Dr. Lehoczki, László: Progress report of plastic raw materials marketAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The global polymer industry grew by 37 m tonnes to 194 m tonnes in 2005–2012, corresponding to an average annual consumption growth of around 3% in case of nine major thermoplastics. The market perspectives look better in the future. Global consumption should grow by 4,4 %/year during 2012–2017, adding a further 47 m tonnes of polymers demand by 2017, with Asia leading the grow. European polymer demand is expected to average equally modest growth of just over 1% a year for the five-year period 2012–2017. Volume demand will mainly be driven by developments in Central Europe.

Kugler, Balázs: Wood-fibre reinforced polypropylene compoundsAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The Inno-Comp Group which is a dominant compounder company of the Central-Eastern European region has announced the new wood fibre filled product group. The new injection moulding types are developed mainly for the household appliances, and automotive industry, offer excellent mechanical properties, good price/performance ratio, and environmental-friendly advantage.

Dr. Macskásiné Éltető, Éva: Trends in the world's plastics industry during K 2013. II. Plastics Recycling Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The Press Service of K 2013 International Trade Fair in Düsseldorf asked plastic industrial experts – as usual – to present the new achievements of their field to journalists invited to the trade fair. This series was prepared on the basis of the reviews made by them. The second part discusses technological issues and economic feasibility of recycling plastics.

Lakatos, Csilla; Miló, László; dr. Gáll, József; dr. Hegedűs, Csaba; Szalóki, Melinda; Keczánné dr. Üveges, Andrea: The effect of different production methods of photocatalytic nanocomposites containing TiO2 on flexural strengthAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

We have produced and a blue light-cured TiO2 reinforced polymer nanocomposites and investigated their mechanical properties and the fracture surfaces of specimens with scanning electron microscope (SEM). We have drawn conclusions regarding the homogeneity of nanocomposites and the distributions of nanotubes in cured composite. It was found that the nanoparticles can be more dispersible in low viscosity DVE-3 monomer than in higher viscosity Eb®80, moreover during the dispersion procedure the dispersing agent has a more important role than the drying method of TiO2.

Dr. Nagy, Gábor; Balázs, Ferenc; dr. Balogh, Tamás: New polyurea injection resin for no-dig sewer pipe lateral connection repair by robot technologyAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Polinvent Ltd has developed a two-component injection resin for special robot technology repair of lateral sewer pipe connections in the frames of an international R&D project. The resins consist of a selfdeveloped secondary diamine based slow polyurea and a thixotropic agent. The material and its application technology have been developed with German consortium partners. Based on the high quality of the completed repairs and the positive feedbacks, the market introduction of the technology and the corresponding resin is expected from Spring 2014.

Néder, Anita Krisztina; Virágh, Anna: High-school students in sciences – Chemistry of polymer gelsAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

When producing and investigating polymer gels, their reactions, composition, solubility and swelling were studied as well as manufacturing and recycling of diverse polymers modelled.

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