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Mainpage 2014 February
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Industrial revolution again!

How much were contemporaries of the first industrial revolution aware of the epoch-making changes late in the 1700s when steam-engine and spinning-jenny appeared? Switch to mass production started that time and, even now, we have to fulfil the same principle: more, faster and cheaper.

Results of technical developments of the second industrial revolution at the boundary of 19th and 20th centuries included phone, cars and aircrafts, reducing distances, and refrigerator, radio, vacuum cleaner and cinema as symbols of the increasing standard of living. Satisfaction of emerging new needs led to abrupt rise of industrial production.

Then, the third, called scientific industrial revolution came from the 1930ies: conquest of aerospace, inventions induced by cold war and internet.

And what is going on now?

We face the fourth industrial revolution implying extension of the digital world, integration of IT into planning, production and logistics.

In injection moulding, collection of data and building statistical systems cause problems now and again. Era of colour tables and markings is over. Real-time monitoring is possible via internet-based connection of machines where a central server reacts to and sends messages about any issue, and proper changes can be made in due time. Real-time data are accessible from everywhere in the world via a notebook or smart phone.

ARBURG as experienced software developer recommends for these tasks the ALS system, a solution certified by SAP for industrial use.

Be active in this historical time and implement the new developments serving the principle: more, faster and cheaper.

Hollikné Fintor, Gabriella – CEO, Arburg Hungária Kft.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 March 2014 21:19  

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