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Mainpage 2014 March
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Megatrends: challenges and opportunities

For being able to answer quick changes, status analysis within larger relationships on a wider time horizon is advisable as megatrends of our recent time imply not only challenges but provide also opportunities. I will mention here some such trends inviting for thinking and highlighting key factors of business success in future how we can utilize the opportunities opened up by megatrends in our environment growing complex and changing quickly.

Information technology is present now everywhere; even cars and household appliances have features belonging to science fiction some years ago. However, these new applications require high-quality engineering plastics.

The global economy created a competition never seen before; competitors often act on another continent. (While population of the world increased by about 26% in the past 20 years, aircraft cargo transport grew by 230%.)

The rising ratio of elderly people leads to growth of demands for medical products and services, and the strengthening urbanization induces new needs in the field of public utilities and distribution.

These trends open up many new fields also for the plastics industry. Nowadays, one of main challenges is to find solutions against consequences of population growth and intensified consumption: overutilization of resources and environmental contamination. Main factors of business success in future will include the reduced use of resources, increased ratio of recycled materials and environment-friendly base materials as well as implementation of energy saving technologies.

Now, sustainability means not only cost savings and risk management but it increasingly drives innovation. According to a study, companies focusing on fighting against climate change in their strategy could realize the double profit on average than the examined other companies between 2005 and 2011 (Source: KPMG 'Expect the Unexpected').

Kapitány, Ákos
Celanese Magyarország, Engineered Materials
Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 April 2014 22:14  

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