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The Hungarian composite industry

There are no data about quantity of base materials and manufactured products, also the changing economic environment essentially influences the opportunities of the industry, therefore a real picture can hardly be provided.

As dominant part of composite products is manufactured using UP resin and glass fiber strengthening, imported quantities describe well the trends of this industry. Since the crisis 2008/2009, the annual quantity of resin used is about 3,500 tons, and this is by 23% less than in 2003. Relocation of the time consuming and work-intensive open procedures to outside the EU may explain this decrease; there is a strong competition with non-European suppliers. As another reason, because of the automotive industry, many Hungarian manufacturers, producing earlier caravan parts, train casings and bus parts, cannot utilize their capacities. High-value products with higher margins may somewhat compensate this quantitative decrease.

However, particular development trends can be observed in production technologies due to the competition and the German market demands. An increasing number of plants apply closed production technologies, and many companies working with high-level production technologies and logistics have started their subsidiaries in Hungary. I name here DIEHL AIRCABIN HUNGARY KFT. producing aircraft parts, the Turkish TELATEKS A. S. assembles support structure of composite wind wheel blades in the former bus plant NABI, and the subsidiary of the English GURIT company manufactures body parts for the London double-deckers that were produced in China earlier. All this indicates that the Hungarian economic environment, infrastructure and trained workforce attract new investors.

Innovation courage and openness of Hungarian companies to new markets is on increase, their marketing strategies are changing and more and more enterprises find important to take part in trade shows – it is supported by the government, too. Also financing arrangements have improved due to credit program of the National Bank with low interest rates.

Among main investment objectives, purchase of machinery and equipment is on the first place, followed by IT developments as well as plant and real property developments. In the new budget period of the EU, the government wants to spend 60% of 20.5 billion EUR directly on business development. If the application process can be simplified and objectives serving actually the improvement of small and medium size businesses can be identified, we can hope for expansion chances.

Csukat, Gabriella – NOVIAKFT.
Last Updated on Thursday, 22 May 2014 10:48  

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