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Mainpage 2014 May Contents
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Contents - May 2014

Reinforced Plastics 2014 International Balaton Conference. ProgramAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48
Reinforced Plastics 2014 International Balaton Conference. LecturesAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48
Kecskeméthy, Géza; Skriba, Zoltán; Bozi, Lajos: Flame resistant wooden boxes with composite layers for multiple useAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Boxes assembled of wooden sheets which are clamped together with easily unlockable steel clams have been used for a long time. After removing the clams by hand, the boxes fall into sheets and can be returned to the needed location. In case of fire, the dangerous or high value goods get damaged. According to standards, boxes should be fire protected so that in the case of 850°C outside temperature, the temperature of goods in the box should not exceed 150°C for 10 minutes. This technical task was solved by placing 0,5 mm thick fire resistant composite sheets of class 'A'. This procedure, registered as invention, solves not only fire protection of boxes but also enhances material strength and weight radically.

Product structure change at Plastform Műanyagtechnika Ltd.Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48
Dr. Witten, Elmar: European market of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFK) 2013Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

After decrease in production of glass fiber reinforced plastics in the past years, some growth is expected this year. It can be called as a slight positive 'shifting' development. There are applications, countries and production procedures both with positive and negative changes. Quantitative changes in the rather heterogeneous GFK industry imply partly shifting, partly shrinkage or innovation-related growth.

Link, Zoltán; dr. Renner, Károly; dr. Móczó, János; dr. Pukánszky, Béla: Natural fiber reinforced PP composites:strength and impact resistanceAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Ternary polypropylene/natural filler/elastomer composites were prepared and the factors influencing their structure as well as the structure-property correlations were investigated. The structure of composites prepared can be different; separate dispersion and partially or completely embedded structure can occur. The structure developed depends on the processing conditions, matrix viscosity, type of the applied functionalized polymer and particle characteristics of the natural fillers. The impact resistance of composites was similar despite of the large in their structure. It could be concluded, that fracture toughness is determined by the dominating deformation processes instead of the extent of embedding.

Tamás, Péter; dr. Czigány, Tibor: Basalt fabric reinforced mono and hybrid composites as promising materialsfor wind turbinesAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

In our study mechanical properties glass, carbon and basalt fabric reinforced mono and hybrid composites with epoxy matrix were examined. According to our results mechanical properties of hybrid composites were better, than mono composites due to positive hybrid effect. The measurements revealed that basalt fiber is a good alternative to the glass fiber.

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