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Mainpage 2014 July Contents
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Contents - July 2014

Kecskeméthy, Géza; Ferenczy, Gábor; Bozi, György: New production facility in Hódmezővásárhely Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Company Kompozitor was established in 1991 and starts to work in a very bad condition building in Budapest. In 2009 the company built a modern production hall in Vecsés and produced special composite products. The products are exported for 28 countries in Europe. There is also a product of the company which is applied in a transformer factory in India. To produce the continuously developed products in the current building is no longer enough space. Therefore they built a new production hall in Hódmez!vásárhely which was ready in March of 2014. The New Széchenyi Plan supported the construction works with nearly 100 million forints. The presentation will introduce the new building and the new composite material based products which will be produced at the new place and presumably exported.

Buzási, Lajosné: Plastics processing in Hungary in 2013 Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The quantity of plastic products produced in 2013 was 1% higher to 2012. In 2013 export increased by 11%, as the quantity was 419 700 t in the value of 2183 M$, while import was 453 400 t meaning an increase of 18,3%. The financial balance of the industry was 605,9 million USD higher in 2013. Vehicle production is strengthening and perhaps the development of the construction industry starts again finally.

Dr. Völgyi, Julianna: 50 years of the Italian PiovanAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The jubilee conference demonstrated the history, business results and latest developments of the company (filterless vacuum receiver PureFlo, gravimetric blender Quantum, automatic adaptive drying system with multiple hoppers Modula) and system control software Winfactory. Representatives of Trexel, HRS Flow–Inglass, Engel, Starlinger and the Johannes Kepler University provided insight into different segments of plastics processing.

Dr. Orbán, Sylvia: Plastic industry in BrazilAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Brazil is – regarding its area and population – the No. 5 country in the world. Ethanol – produced from cane sugar – is not only fuel for vehicles, but raw material for plastics too. This year, beside polyethylene, the family of 'Green Plastics' has a new member: polypropylene. In 2012, the plastic consumption per capita was about 30 kg, but it will grow because of the greater output of the automotive and construction industry.

Dr. Falussy, Lajos: Cycle frame injection moulded from coal fibre reinforced plastic billetAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

This paper describes a significant chapter of thermoplastic carbon filament composite development. There is an innovation for producing injection moulded cycle frame. The developments are reviewed here, publishing technical properties attained and experience made with injection moulding.

Tuboly, Virág; Kirschweng, Balázs; Horváth, Zsuzsanna; dr. Imre, Balázs; dr. Pukánszky, Béla: Biopolymers in medicine – Biodegradable scaffoldsAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The appearance and widespread use of biocompatible and biodegradable plastics affected modern medicine to a huge extent. Polymer scaffolds promoting the regeneration and artificial cultivation of human tissues deserve special notice. Our present article reviews the properties as well as the production of these porous structures.

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