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Contents - September 2014

Buzási, Lajosné: Injection moulding in Hungary in 2013 Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Injection moulding is a gradually developing field of plastics processing, undergoing a continuous development in the past seven years despite the overall crisis. It expanded by about 39% while the overall plastics processing grew by 11% only. Share of injection moulding increased from 24% in 2007 to 30% by 2013. Quantity of injection moulded products are detailed by product groups (box, crate, household goods, spare parts, diverse injection moulded products), raw materials used and foreign trade data are published in this paper.

Dr. Lehoczki, László: Fakuma 2014 I. Manufacturers of plastics injection moulding machines Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Engel celebrates 25 years of tie-bar-less technology at Fakuma 2014. With numerous applications on show, it demonstrates how tie-bar-less machines can meet the efficiency and cost-effectivity demands. Under the motto 'Be Smart', Wittmann Battenfeld presents smart injection moulding technology combined with ultramodern processes and complete range of the PowerSeries. Arburg presents the next step in its production efficiency strategy, special industrial and automation solutions as well as practical examples regarding the future topics of Industry 4.0, functional integration and lightweight constructions.

Tóth, László; Juhász, László Arnold: Moldex3D SeminarsAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The eCon Engineering Kft. has been carrying out industrial simulations and distributing its software for 12 years. To prove company's excellence, here it is shown how a simulation can lead to right or wrong results independently from the software. Industrial solutions of the Moldex3D are introduced where the results are proved by measurements. The apropos of the article is the Moldex3D conference to be held in Budaörs on the 9th of October.

Gyenis, Albert: Hydraulic reconstruction of vulcanization belt pressesAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

In 2013 the workers of Bosch Rexroth Ltd. were assigned by a multinational rubber company to modify the hydraulics of the vulcanization presses. The implementation of the project was expected to increase the capacity of the press and decrease the energy consumption as well as to ensure an operation without error and oil leaks. The equipment was compiled with consideration of energetic factors according to our 4EE principles, allowing 20–80% energy saving compared to conventional systems, thus significant cost reduction and improvement of the investment return factors could be achieved.

Török, Dániel; Zsíros, László; dr. Kovács, József Gábor: Investigation of StaMixCo static mixers with different number of mixing elements and diameterAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The application of the static mixersin injection molding is widely used. They improve the color and the thermal homogeneity of the polymer melt. In our paper we have investigated the effect of static mixers with different diameters and various number of elements on the color inhomogeneity, their pressure drop and the adiabatic heat increase generated by them.

Dr. Tábi, Tamás: Development of long basalt fibre reinforced injection moulded poly(lactic acid) compositesAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

In our work long basalt fibre reinforced injection moulded Poly(Lactic Acid) (PLA) composite was developed first by using extrusion coated pre-product. The fibre ratio was controlled by the roving pulling speed during extrusion coating; it was possible to produce continuous and uniform PLA coating on the basalt roving at a fibre ratio of 14.8, 20.4 and 25.8 wt%. The properties of the long basalt fibre reinforced composites were compared with short, chopped basalt fibre reinforced PLA composites with the same amount of reinforcing fibres.

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