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Mainpage 2014 Oktober Contents
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Contents - Oktober 2014

Inno-Comp Ltd. is 15 years old. Interwiew with managing director Peter Torma Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48
Dr. Lehoczki, László: Fakuma 2014: Plastics injection moulding machines, tools, raw materials, applications Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The 23rd Fakuma international trade fair is the innovation platform for industrial plastics processing. Injection moulding machines, thermoforming technology, extrusion systems, tooling systems, materials and components: these are the Fakuma's key areas. In this article new developments of some manufacturers of plastics injection moulding machines and tools, new innovative raw materials and their application possibilities will be presented.

Rácz, Dávid; dr. Nagy, Miklós; dr. Zsuga, Miklós; dr. Kéki, Sándor: Solvatochromic polymersAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Solvatochromic polymers as smart materials can respond to several environmental changes (polarity, temperature, electric current) with the change of their own colour of the emitted fluorescent light. Solvatochromic chromophores can be simply mixed to the polymer, or covalently bound to it, but the polymer can also be a chromophore itself. These macromolecules can be used in the (bio)analytics such as small fluorescent dye molecules, and in many more fields: monitoring polymerization reactions and the properties of polymers, as sensors, colorimetric measurement of temperature, or in light-emitting and photovoltaic devices.

Toroczkay, Katalin: Current market outlook for plastics in the electrical and electronics, especially in the lighting technology of LEDsAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Currently, the biggest challenge of plastic developments is to find the right combination of the sometimes controversial properties. Because of the diversity of applications and the ever biggest requirements in the E+E industry, the parts are getting smaller with more and more functions with increasing temperatures. The developments that go, particularly in the LED technology, often towards light and heat stability as well as thermal conductivity.

Kis-Jakab, Kálmán; Molnár, Tímea; dr. Varga, Csilla; dr. Bartha, László: Application of compatibilisers for improving compatibility of PET/HDPE blendsAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Aim of our work has been investigation of olefin-maleic-anhydride copolymer based compatibilizing additives for improving compatibility of extruded and injection moulded PET/HDPE blends either. Effects of four, different functional groups containing additives and a commercially available one have been studied. In the presence of the commercial additive properties of the reference samples that contain no compatibilizer has been achieved. However, we have managed to select such a composition of the experimental additives that could simultaneously increase the tensile and impact properties of the blends representing improvement of the compatibility between the plastic components.

Kocsis, Kálmán; Polyák, Péter; Hári, József; Janecska, Tünde; dr. Földes, Enikő; dr. Pukánszky, Béla: Effect of natural antioxidant modified halloysite mineral on the stability of the polyethyleneAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Quercetin, a natural antioxidant was proven to be as high efficient in polyethylene as the commercial stabilizers. Unfortunately poor solubility of the quercetin in polyethylene causes crystal formation at higher content of stabilizer. To hinder this procedure quercetin was adsorbed on the surface of a mineral having dimensions in nanoscale. The primary aim of our research project was the characterization of the effect of the adsorbed antioxidant on the stability of the polyethylene.

Plastics Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48
Dr. Lehoczki, László: Fakuma 2014: Plastics injection moulding machines, tools, raw materials,

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