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Contents - December 2014

25 years of Poliol PET Packaging Kft. Interview with Managing Director Szabó Béla Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48
Székely, Béla; Bruncsics, Benjámin; Kisillés Sándor: First hungarian formula monocoqueAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

In the constructor's championship for students, the BME Formula Racing Team presented an electric car with Monocoque chassis. Design work was directed by Székely Béla while laws of composite material were determined by Kling Sándor who also led the team, the composite group, and he was one of the pilots. Production was carried out under leadership of Bruncsics Benjámin, Kisillés Sándor, Gönczi Ákos, Ódor Ádám and Salcz Illés. It is the first formula-style racing car of such structure in Hungary that has earned great success.

Production goes on already on two sites with Deltaplast Kft. Division PET works in a new plant Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48
Verner, Erika; dr. Czifrák, Katalin; dr. Karger-Kocsis, József; dr. Zsuga, Miklós; dr. Kéki, Sándor: Synthesis and characterization of polylactic acid containing biodegradable shape-memory polyurethanesAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

Linear and cross-linked polyurethanes (PU) of different compositions containing polylactic acid (PLA) and polycaprolactone (PCL) as diol components were synthetized. Molecular weight was determined by size exclusion chromatography and structure identified by NMR spectroscopy. Mechanical behavior of PUs was assessed in tensile and DMA measurements. From PUs produced, PU 14 exhibited the best mechanical and shape-memory properties

Dr. Zsidai, László; dr. Kalácska, Gábor: Stick-slip in friction of PA and PEEK composites examined in a cylinder/plane modelAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

We examined the sensitivity of polyamide and polyether ether ketone base matrices and their composites to stick-slip. We present our method developed for an alternating (reciprocating) cylinder/plane model system allowing continuous measurement of dynamic to static friction force offering new solutions in stick-slip tests. Different-level effect of stick-slip on friction of PA and PEEK composites as well as sensitivity of tested materials to stick-slip are shown.

Garas, Sándor: Experience gained on WPC Conference in Cologne III.Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The Fifth German Wood-Plastic-Composite Conference and the related exhibition were organized in Cologne on 10–11 December 2013. It is one of the greatest events of the industry. In third part of our series, we publish the lectures read with number of photos, providing inspiration for potential Hungarian manufacturers.

Hegyesi, Nóra; dr. Pukánszky Béla: Attachment of poly(methyl metachrylate) to layered silicates for the preparation of PMMA/layered silicate nanocompositesAcrobat-Reader-icon_48x48

The preparation of polymer/layered silicate nanocomposites has been in the focus of attention for some time, however, the cutting edge has not been reached yet. Silicate plates can exfoliate only in aqueous medium where electrostatic repulsive forces hinder the aggregation of the particles. Nevertheless nanocomposites are usually prepared by melt compounding or by swelling in the monomer where the repulsive forces do not occur. During melt compounding, even the shear force cannot separate the silicate particles into individual plates because of the weak adhesion of the polymer chains on the surface of the silicate plates. The aim of this work was to develop an organophilisation method for bonding polymer chains on the surface of silicates with ionic bond.

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Plastics Acrobat-Reader-icon_48x48
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